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About me:

I received my Ph.D. in 1987 from the English Department at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale by writing a dissertation on British author John Fowles that was published internationally as a book titled Point of View in Fiction and Film. I minored in American literature as well as cinema studies and studied screenwriting as my collateral field (or research tool). Before that, I earned my MA in English from Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville in 1977 by writing a thesis on the mythology of Atlantis and earned my BA in English from McKendree College in Lebanon, Illinois in 1973.

I have taught at five universities (four in China and one in the US). at two private four-year liberal arts colleges, at two community colleges, and for a private tutorial service for Asian students.  Some of these gigs were part-time or while I was teaching at another. From 1988 to 2004, I taught at Morris Brown College in Atlanta, and in 1994, I was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure. I was the English Program Coordinator in the Humanities Department for one year.  I traveled to China in August of 2004 where I taught for four semesters at Anshan University of Science and Technology and one summer course for management personnel at the Technology Center Institute of Iron and Steel Products. After returning home for a respite, I taught at three more institutes in China and am now teaching at a fourth.

I have taught all levels of writing (honors, regular, advanced, and development sections), World Literature I and mythology  (including honors and film sections), English Literature surveys I and II, Creative Writing (both 100 and 400 levels), and film courses. This past semester, at the first university without technology or language in the title, I taught film studies to two classrooms of 70 seniors each, a post-graduate course in British literature, and a basic writing course to two classes of 35 students each.

I was a part-time editor/photographer of a newspaper in Millstadt, Illinois while teaching part-time at McKendree College, and worked in the advertising layout departments of movie theatre circuits in St. Louis, Missouri, and Belleville, Illinois.

In addition to writing the book on John Fowles and several articles, I have written articles about writing, the paranormal, and numerous reviews of films on Amazon.com. The fiction novels are mentioned above in my opening statement: two time-travel novels, a trilogy of paranormal / horror novels, and four novels (still in progress)about my family and my teaching experiences in China.


Charles Justus Garard, Jr. Ph.D./Prof.

School of International Education &
School of Foreign Languages
Liaocheng University,
Hunan 1, Liaocheng City, Shandong Province,
P.R. China 252059
Tel: 0086-635-8239520

British & American Literature, Film Studies,
Academic Writing, Creative Writing

“No man is a prophet in his own land”