Dark Corridors - the sequel

Harper Paget continues his fight against the ancient creatures who can take on the appearance of modern-day supernatural beings as well as manipulate and destroy human beings. This time, Harper is in China, teaching as well as tracking the deadly mind-twisting creatures. When a violent attack occurs in a hospital, Harper is dismissed from this university — one that is connected to his former university back in Illinois USA. He transfer to a different university but must continue the fight, aided by his French colleague Pierre and several lady friends, Pierre’s former students.


by Charles Justus Garard
As far back as ancient Greece, as current as present-day Indonesia, these mind-twisting, dimension traveling, vampire-like creatures are more deadly than anything because . . . they can enter your past, manipulate your dreams, copy your appearance and convince you that the living and dead can change places. Be careful what you chase after. It might find you!