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Two Haunted Farmhouses in the USA, One Haunted Hotel in China

The Hardin farmhouse in southern Illinois near the university town of McAbee and the Reuter farmhouse near the Mississippi River in west central Illinois may not be haunted by ghosts in the traditional sense. Nor is the campus hotel on university property in northeast China. However, they are the sites of some deadly visitations by age-old entities that appear to be much more threatening than ghosts. As you noticed on a previous post to this blog, the Ouija Board party in the Hardin farmhouse, which only two people out of the five people in attendance have so far survived, is where it started in DARK NEIGHBORHOODS. Dr. Harper Paget also encountered these creatures that have been enemies of his ancestors for centuries on the university campus — in the hotel where he was living while he taught there — in DARK CORRIDORS. The question is . . . what will happen at the Reuter farmhouse located in the Warrick Bottoms near the small town of Warrick where he and Corey Braedon (see last post) grew up?

Dark Corridors - the sequel

Harper Paget continues his fight against the ancient creatures who can take on the appearance of modern-day supernatural beings as well as manipulate and destroy human beings. This time, Harper is in China, teaching as well as tracking the deadly mind-twisting creatures. When a violent attack occurs in a hospital, Harper is dismissed from this university — one that is connected to his former university back in Illinois USA. He transfer to a different university but must continue the fight, aided by his French colleague Pierre and several lady friends, Pierre’s former students.