Who is it, Harper Paget? Is it Christabel, your former girlfriend who gave you up for your French friend? Is it your current girlfriend, Adjani, a former student you have been sleeping with who comes from Indonesia, the home of the evil creature the Kuntilanak?Is it a former sweet young student that you knew at a former university with whom you have been keeping in touch named Tiffany?

Except for your Canadian friend, Brady, who recently lost his Chinese wife but has been seen by you in apparition form, you are pretty much alone as you teach here again in China. Your friend Brady has been in touch with a new lady friend in the Philippines who tells him about a new creature Aswak that may be similar to the Kuntilanak in that they both can be possessed by the ancient enemy of the Pagets — the ancient Lamiae.

A lot of concerns and questions, Dr. Harper Paget. You just need to find the answers before the creature who can seduce men to death and eliminate women as competition decides to destroy your own manhood.2012-07-1611.15.31