Bring back Christopher Lee, August 10, 2017
This review is from: The Mummy (2017) (DVD)
I am a fan of mummy movies. However, many fans have compared this new outing to the Brandon Frazer action-adventure movies with his arrogant personality making us wish that they could have wrapped up his mouth instead of the Egyptian character. If anything, this 2017 version is only slightly better than the Frazer versions.

Some of the Hammer mummy movies like THE MUMMY’S SHROUD and CURSE OF THE MUMMY’S TOMB have only been fair. However, IMHO Christopher Lee made the best mummy in THE MUMMY, where he played against his horror sidekick Peter Cushing. This was no surprise since he likewise made the best Count Dracula and the best Frankenstein creature ever.

This Tom Cruise entry is ho-hum at best — not scary, not an exciting adventure, not funny, and only a little mysterious and erotic with the gorgeous female mummy. Being an evil being does not make her frightening, and her nude scene is so brief that we don’t have time to get our hormones in overdrive. In fact, some might argue that Tom Cruise, with his high tenor voice, is as feminine in his behavior as is the mummy.

Maybe a sequel is in the offing with Tom playing the mummy himself. Some aspects hint at that. Let us hope that we are warned.