I will try to hide spoilers for this book, but that will not be easy to do. The book is so full of quotable gems that to repeat them may be giving too much away.

To write a summary of Stone’s and Hunt’s massive tome would not only be a daunting task but perhaps even a disservice for reasons mentioned above. The cover flaps of this book, like most others, perform this task and do so to such a sketchy degree that it seems like water-skiing across the top of such a comprehensive subject. Writing a review often requires some water-skiing — as does, in these cases when a considerable amount of historical facts must be covered, writing the actual book itself — but it is the scuba diving that allows the author, and reviewer — to a much lesser degree — to examine and share the important details.

In Stone and Hunt’s case, the scuba diving begins with Jeb Bush, the latest in the multi-generational dynasty, seeking to maintain a vice grip on the nation. This initial emphasis, however, as well as the title of this work, may be misleading since the focus does not linger on the former governor of Florida but expands to cover, for the majority of its length, more than a century of the Bush deeds, cover-ups, influence, and white-washed reputations.

It is the white=washing of history that prompted Stone to pen this work, emphasizing Jeb’s undisclosed activities because at the time of this writing, Jeb was still a contender for presidency of what had once been the greatest democracy on the planet. This and his passionate desire (or need) to download what his insider knowledge and stored within him urged him to share this task with the son of E. Howard Hunt and Dorothy Hunt, author Saint John Hunt.

They start the water-skiing with the announcement that Bush ’41 and Bush ’43 are responsible for 72% of our massive federal debt. Scuba diving reveals that George W. Bush (or W) doubled the US’s debt from five trillion to over eleven trillion. Jeb doubled the debt of Florida from seventeen+ billion to over thirty-six billion. Jeb even seemed to stumble over his own tongue more than his older brother. Some of his statements are shocking but must be read in the context of this work.

Samuel Bush started this dynasty (he provided 75% of World War I arms to both sides), and Prescott Bush continued it (engaging in acts of treason by aligning self with the Nazis). The rules that governed the US did not apply to them. H.W. Bush (Poppy) supposedly wanted to distance himself from his “birthright” but still relied on father’s connections. For one thing, he became a landman who conned unknowing farmers out of their land if oil might be found on it. His CIA connections are important because they show the connection between the intelligence community and big business. He also promised no new taxes in order to become elected (hahaha).

H.W. was also allegedly associated with eugenics activities or world population control, emphasizing developing countries because of limited US interests. He enlisted aid from the Saudis for covert operation that Congress refused to fund. He buried lies, stated outright falsehoods, denials, and obfuscations. Pilots and CIA assets during Iran-Contra supposedly committed suicide before disclosing important information (How can a person commit suicide by emptying a 20-round clip into his own body?). National and international law was ignored or subverted.

The No Child Left Behind ruse was W. idea to give more power to the government (and away from schools and parents) and generate extortion money amounting to tens of millions of dollars. Brother Neil charged $10,000 per school for software or $30 per student for test-preparation programs. Twenty-four hours after 9-11, members of the Bin Laden family were flown out of the country. Again, we have conflicting reports. The FBI denied this, but this was later confirmed. The Patriot Act was passed with little notice by politicians (only few read it) to monitor our own people (us), and the War of Terror became an excuse to toss the Constitution out of the window.

The authors quote Russ Baker’s work FAMILY OF SECRETS (which I previously reviewed) quite often throughout. However, this book, written by insiders rather than a journalist (even though Baker is obviously respected) exudes more heat than Baker’s well-written water-skiing work, more passion exploding on the page due to frustration at lies and untruths kept hidden by cover-ups.