Review of Charles Justus Garard’s “The Dark Journeys Trilogy” by Andrea Baskin, author of DARKNESS AND REVENGE: THE PUPPETMASTER’S GAME.

Are you brave enough to follow Dr. Harper Paget around the world?
You have already followed numerous characters on their journeys? What is the difference here?

I will tell you.

This time, you can’t trust your eyes or your feeling. You don’t know where you are going, and from where you started. On a journey to find out the truth about legendary creatures from other dimensions and times, Harper gets to fight not only them, but himself too.

Facing the past to understand the present. Losing friends and lovers. Investigating and trying to understand, to find the answer to the main question: “Why him?”

If you hide in the darkness long enough, it will get inside you.
A simple, childish play can start an endless circle of things you can’t imagine.
Chaos seems everywhere. The trilogy completes the picture, setting the pieces together like a puzzle. Breathtaking and intriguing, it doesn’t leave you time to recover from the unbelievable twists through the whole story.

Enjoy the darkness, and don’t let the lady in the white gown get you!!!


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