Alex: “By the way, Harper, I understand that you lost some loved ones before you ever came to Atlanta.”

Harper: “Yes. I lost my wife out in San Diego, California, and, later, an Indonesian lady friend in China. Both were killed by these entities to get at me.”

Alex: “Where did this all start?”

Harper: “Centuries ago. Since ancient Greece with the lamiae and the kuntilanak in Indonesia. They came to Atlanta, to the DARK NEIGHBORHOODS, because we may have brought them here.”

Alex: “Where did it start for you?”

Harper: “In a little farmhouse back in Illinois. Some of my friends think we brought them to this dimension through the Ouija board. I think they have been wanting to come to this time and place because they have been enemies of my ancestors for centuries. They know about my publications that try to warn the world about them.”

Alex: “And they want to stop you, of course.”

Harper: “Yes. Otherwise we will have many DARK NEIGHBORHOODS.”

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