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1st Novel in the Series Updated

Minor changes have been made to the novel DARK NEIGHBORHOODS. For example: typos, punctuation errors that I found while correcting typos, some dialogue which I omitted in the update because I thought it was superfluous or was tangential to the plot, a couple of technical terms changed, and very minor characters combined or omitted in Chapter 11. Amazon-Kindle has probably notified you. In case you did not receive or open the email from them, do the following:

Go to Amazon-Kindle.
Sign in with your account number.
Go to Manage Your Kindle — it will show you what you downloaded.
Type the title (DARK NEIGHB0RHOODS).
Next to the title in blue will be Update Available.
Be sure your device (iPad, Tablet, computer, cellular phone, Kindle reader) is turned on.

Fortunately, Amazon-Kindle, knowing that writers are human and capable of making errors, allows us to make changes — either major or minor. I think that mine are considered minor because the story remains the same. I just hope it will move a little faster in the updated version.

Thank you very much.
Charles Justus Garard (Chukk)

French colleague in China presents his opinion on time travel, particularly as it regards our hero Harper

I told you last time I’m married now, with a Japanese women, charming and nice. She’s a PhD in French literature. I’m still in Shanghai, and we plan to go back Japan in two years, if the world still hold on ^^.

I was thinking of you about the time travel, and I have passed a longtime thinking about it. I finished by discover that the only way for travel in time consist on bending the time or the space. Actually neither of the two solution are possible, and I think it will never happen, for the simple reason that if we bend the space, it will break the rule of physics. Example I bend the space in between Mars and the Earth, then Mars will be to near from us then, we will got a problem. Now also making that happen, say that Venus will cross our path… we will die then. Bending the time have another problem. If we arrived to do it, then the time are going to be short on the way I trace, but stable in the other part of the universe. Result, it’s simply impossible because time is absolute in the universe, we cannot create a part of different time, if we do so, then maybe we will be block inside for eternity, without noticing it ^^

Then as you see Harper is still there ^^

Hope to read some news from you,