Thank you, my readers from Indonesia. I appreciate your comments about the blog article as well as praise for my brother’s photo and design for the cover of the e-book horror novel DARK CORRIDORS. I took the photo for the cover for DARK NEIGHBORHOODS and my friends Don Blair and Aaron Gardner provided the text layout. Mr. Gardner also designed another cover using public domain images which he altered skillfully. Although I didn’t use the latter for the actual cover on Amazon-Kindle, I did post it on this blog.

     I am sure that I skimmed over many details about the Indonesian belief structure regarding the kuntilanak in the first posting of the article. I also had some misspelling pointed out to me. So I revised it and re-entered it as a new post. My intention when I first wrote the article while teaching in Jilin CIty, China, was to discuss Asian, American, and British horror movies (only a very few) in order to honor a request from a young editor in Beijing. She did not use it for reasons that I stated in the article posted on the blog, so I withdrew it and did not submit it again anywhere for publication until long after I had created this blog to deal with a side interest of mine in the paranormal — a blog that I started while teaching in Liaocheng City, China. Only recently did I remember this article and decided, since the topic is paranormal and horror related, to publish it on my own blog.

     The mythology behind the films I first mentioned in an article I wrote for The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) years ago. I also use many of the details about the myths in my DARK JOURNEYS series of novels, two of which I have mentioned in this blog. These details for fictional works (not articles or non-fiction books) I obtained by reading sources and interviewing people from Indonesia and Malaysia; such details include not only the kuntilanak entity but also details about a controlling person known as a dukun and a brief reference to a bizarre creature called the leyak. Some of the stories deal with a wraith-like creature with white-hair who will attack men. I also saw this in an Indonesian film called KUNTILANAK 2.  One writer from Java wrote that these creatures who become pregnant after being raped often kill themselves out of shame. As I added to the updated article, her ghost wanders the night crying for her fate and, in some case, searching for unborn babies being carried by living pregnant women. Reportedly, she has a gaping hole in her back. Another correspondence from an Indonesian reader mentions a different name — Sundelbolong, which is what the creature is called in her place. I have written to her to ask her to identify what that place is, but she has not yet replied. She mentions the “perforated” back (her term) and adds that a bad odor issues that that wound. This detail is known because this was supposedly reported by a man who was once seduced by this creature or ghost. I wonder how he escaped to tell about it.

     In the e-book novels, however, my emphasis is on a race of vampire-like entities who originally appear on this planet in ancient Greece and re-appear at different times in our history by traveling between dimensions using the fourth dimension as a conduit. The family of the main character, Dr. Harper Paget, who is a professor of mythology and a paranormal investigator, has been fighting against these deadly creatures for centuries. After evidence that these creatures have come into this dimension and are lurking in Atlanta as well as Indonesia, he takes up the battle. These beings called lamiae are difficult to destroy because they can imitate other life forms that have power over, and often control of, humans — such as the kuntilanak from Indonesia.

     It sounds complicated (maybe even convoluted,) but the actual purpose is to draw a fictional connection between disparate myths and to create a new extraterrestrial origin for these creatures. The intention is not to slip into the arenas of science-fiction — although time-travel and alternate dimensions are favorite topics of mine — but to give the creatures more power and to make them more threatening. Harper Paget and his friends find them almost impossible to destroy because they can manipulate his past, his dreams, and the pasts of others.  They can even take on his appearance to others. We cannot be sure who is who, and something that we cannot defeat can eventually defeat us. After all, they want to occupy a planet that we humans have not taken care of.

     Further letters with details are, of course, cordially welcome.