The second novel in the DARK JOURNEYS TRILOGY (my brother named the trilogy) finds our paranormal researcher in China. He has pursued the time-traveling, mind-twisting vampire-like creatures from Atlanta, where friends of his were killed, across the globe, accompanied by the ghost of his wife, one of the first killed by these creatures. Harper Paget’s family has been at war with these lamiae from ancient Greece, taking on the role of the kuntilanak from Indonesia, for generations. When he moves into a hotel on the campus in northeast China where he teaches, he discovers that the corridors of this hotel are indeed haunted — but not in the usual sense, in a more deadly sense since they can enter your past and your dreams. He also discovers that a Chinese lady friend has been sent back through a wormhole or time tunnel to the small town on the river in Illinois where he grew up — but in his past. Coming through the wormhole manipulated by the kuntilanak is a girl from his small town and now she is trapped in China.