“In this world, there is real evil. Between the world we see and the world we fear, there are doors, and once they are opened—-nightmare becomes reality.”

After watching this Haunting series, I am more certain than before that there is another world beyond this one. When people die, most of them will transfer to the other world, but some of them will unfortunately be caught between the two worlds and have nowhere to go but stay where they died traumatically. Some of the ghosts do not attack human beings; they just exist the way they used to exist, or they want to tell people about their feelings and about their miserable past; some don’t even know that they are dead already; on the other hand, most of the ghosts can do harm to human being’s lives; that is what I want to talk about mainly.

As we all know, the Americans love to move around; they will change their living places when they are ready for a new home, but they may not always be lucky; sometimes they may “intrude” upon others’ home and get in trouble; by “others,” I mean the dead. Some died for a traumatic reason and their souls stay in this world and are not willing to leave. When we people move in, the spirits would feel that they are being intruded upon and their lives are being disturbed; they would try every way to get their house back. At the same time, we human beings have the same thought: we want to protect our family, and we want our house back too. Then the war between the ghosts and humans begins.

All of the haunted house cases share something in common: before the humans move in, they all think the house is the one — perfect for building a happy family there — and they are really excited about their future life in the new house. But not everything is going to turn out just like they expect. Later, strange things will happen to them: the doors or closets will be suddenly shut when there is no wind going through the house; heavy foot steps will be heard during the day or night when there is no one around; people can even fall down the stairs as if someone pushed them. All these are unexplainable, so here comes the paranormal investigation.

The paranormal investigators are a group of people who search for evidence of ghosts in a haunted house; they offer help to the desperate people who are going through the special experience of fighting with the spirits. They are professional and responsible; with the aid of camera and tape recorder and even an Ouija board, they can capture some evidence from the unknown ghosts. With them, there is always a psychic who can sense and see what happened in this house before (the psychic doesn’t see the house as we see it, but sees what it used to look like).

Those paranormal activities take place in the darkest shadows and in the most ordinary places; these are the true stories of the innocent, and they are not imagined. The one that impressed me most is about the ghost who has a crush on the girl who lives in the house; she hears the closet noise and sees the door open without pushing; she can even feel like someone is grabbing her hands and not letting her go. Even on the day they are moving out, when she goes to get more boxes in her room, the door is slammed shut and neither she nor her father can open it. Later, she tries to get out through the air conditioning unit; her father pulls her arms, but she feels like someone is pulling her legs at the same time; finally, her father succeeds in getting her out, and they rush out of the house and never come back.

From this, we learn that ghosts have feelings too; they are not just dead people’s souls; they need their rights back and can be selfish and evil, just like we human beings’ deep deep inside. The difference between ghosts and humans is that we know how to control our dark side, but they don’t; they are down to earth which makes investigations more complicated and dangerous.

This is not a game, not for fun. Everyone is serious about this subject. The investigators set up the equipment, and then the psychic feels every room to find out where the ghosts may be hiding and what happened to them; sometimes, they will bless the house with holy water or sage, or the priests will do that instead. Apparently, the ghosts are not happy when we do that to them; they get angry and the house begins to shake and wind starts to blow inside the house. All of that can make us scared, but if we give in, the ghost will feed on our weakness and become stronger; so, never give in, hang in there, and shout loudly: In the name of God, I commend you to leave!!!

Luckily, no one get severely hurt from the ghosts, but it becomes a special experience of meeting the dead.

FYI, never buy a house with the windows nailed shut! Never give in to the ghost! Never be home alone!

Written by Jessica Zhao, China